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February Minutes

February 18, 2014

Meeting February 13, 2014

      The meeting was called to order by Diane O. at 6:38 PM. Members present were Diane O., Betty B., Jean P., Mary M., Leanne H., Beth K., Marilyn M., Ardis K., Austra H., and guests Julie K., and Marilyn L.

Minutes: The minutes were approved as read, following g a motion by Jean P. and seconded by Beth K.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer reported a balance of $3,763.70 in the treasury. Her report will be filed for audit.

Committee Reports:

      Program: Heidi H. introduced the movie to be shown at the next meeting, “The Other Shore” with Diana Nyad. Member discussion will follow the movie. She inquired about the possibility of having popcorn and a beverage.

      Membership: No report.

Old Business:

      Scholarship Committee:  Two members are needed to complete the committee with Marilyn W. and Joanne S. We need to vote on new members in March in order to get the decision to the H.S. in time. Scholarships will be awarded on the third Wednesday in May. Austra H. volunteered to serve on the committee.

      Nominating Committee (formal committee?):  The positions open are for President and Membership Chair. The current office holders, Diane O. and Nancy V., will find their own replacements.

      There being no other business to cover, the meeting was adjourned at 6:50 PM and the program on Prairie Ecology was presented by Jack H., Minnesota DNR (retired).

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