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March 26, 2014

Meeting March 13, 2014


     The evening began with a showing of the film “The Other Shore” featuring swimmer Diana Nyad. Discussion followed. Beverages and popcorn were provided by hostesses Marilyn M. and Austra H. The business meeting was called to order at 9:08 by Nancy V.


Minutes: The minutes were approved as read, following motions by Jean P. and Mary M.


Treasurer’s Report: The balance in the account was the same as the last month, $3763.79. It was noted that the last program presenter had not yet cashed our check.


Committee Reports:

      Program: Jean announced the program, “Safe and Drug Free” will be by Tanya Paley and will cover conditions in Steele County.

      Membership: Julie K. is joining the group; Marilyn L. joined already last month.

      Public Policy: No report.

      Scholarship: Julie K. is joining the scholarship committee. One more person is needed.


Old Business:

      Scholarship Committee: See above.


      Nominating Committee: Nancy and Diane are responsible for recruiting for the positions to be replaced, President and Membership Chair. They are still working on this and ask members to ‘please answer your phone’.


New Business:


      Branch Bylaws: A vote passed, following motions by Jean P. and Karen V., to amend Article VI, Section 5 to read as follows: “Any of the offices can be shared by more than one person”.


      Membership News: A Tri-branch meeting will be held Saturday,April 26 at the Steele County History Center. The program subject is “Under a Wild Sky” by Rachel Carson. Fee is $20 and sign-up must be by April 16. Tri branch is interested in adding us to the group, making a 4-branch group.


Announcements: The next meeting is April 10,2014. The program is “It’s What You Don’t Know” from the Steele CountySafe and Drug Free Coalition.


The meeting adjourned at 9:17 P.M.


Respectfully submitted,

Ardis K.

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