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Minutes, January 9, 2014

January 23, 2014

Meeting January 9, 2014

The meeting, hosted by Cheryl Krejci at the Krejci Ford dealership, began with a presentation of “Car Care 101” by Doug Hillson. Refreshments were than served and the business meeting began at 8:30, led by Diane O.

Diane thanked our speaker and hostess Cheryl, who then offered complimentary gifts to the membership, attractive stainless steel Krejci Ford coffee mugs. Guest Marilyn L. was welcomed to the meeting.

Minutes: Members were encouraged to check the minutes on the blog and note any corrections to report at the next meeting. The blog was inaccessible before this meeting due to unexplained computer problems.


Committee Reports:

      Program:  Heidi H. introduced the program for next month, which will again be in the H.S. library. Jack H., Dept. of Natural Resources retiree, will be speaking about “Prairie Ecology”. Hostesses will be Mary M. and Leanne H. She also called attention to the March program, the film “The Other Shore” with Diana Nyad, which will be followed by discussion by the membership. We will be sending our program booklet to the newspaper to get our meeting location corrected in the news items. Following discussion about how to handle payment to Krejci Ford for this evening’s meeting, it was decided to offer them $75 to be used as they wish.

      Membership: No report.

      Public Policy:  Diane recommended reading the national AAUW newsletter.

      Scholarship Committee: Marilyn W. and Joanne S. are the current members, with two mere needed. Members were asked to consider volunteering in time for next month’s meeting.

      Village Affair: We received a note from Women of Today. They are looking forward to more partnership with AAUW.

Old Business:

      December White Elephant Auction – final results: $300 each ws given to the Blooming Prairie Ministerium, the Boys and Girls Club and the Steele County Food Shelf.

New Business: Members were reminded of the elections in April for President an Membership Chair. If considering either of these offices, talk to the current office holder. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardis K.

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