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September 12, 2019 Minutes

October 8, 2019



Called to Order: The meeting was called to order for President Naomi Hansen. Guests Karla Iacovino and Kathy Samuelson were welcomed.

Minutes: The minutes from the May 9, 2019 meeting were reviewed. The minutes were recorded by Loretta Ingvalson. One addition was made: Mandy Doocy graduated from Augsburg College. The minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: There is $2,746.88 in the checking account. The report filed is subject to audit. Rent was paid to the school for Village Affair and to tonight’s speaker.

The proposed budget was distributed. Following discussion Heidi moved to adopt the budget as presented, Joanne seconded the motion; motion carried.

Committee Reports:

Village Affair: Pam reported that a deposit of $2,865 is pending and is income for Village Affair. There has been a menu change. Signups will take place at the October meeting. Please bring items along for the Minnesota basket to the October meeting. Wi-Fi will be available for the vendors. Jeanette will need help with the deposit on the Monday after the event. Raffle tickets were distributed.

Program Committee: Thanks to Mary and Pam for the wonderful program: Regina Mustafa of the Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam (website spoke on the basics of Islam and the Muslim-American experience.

The new brochure was handed out to the members. Our October meeting will be held at the Servicemen’s Club. We will view and learn more about the Veteran’s Memorial that was installed this year.

No other Committee Reports were given.

Old Business:

Scholarships: Jeanette asked for clarification regarding when the scholarship money should be sent. It was noted that the money is sent after the end of the first semester. Marilyn needs photographs of the scholarship winners.

New Business:

Membership: Karla Iacovino is our newest member! Please add her contact information to your brochure:

Email:; phone: 404-405-7495

Publicity: Naomi will work on getting more publicity for our group, perhaps getting our meeting date added to the newspaper community calendar. Heidi offered to work on a Facebook page. Nancy will work on updating the website.

Snacks: After discussion we agreed that we do not need snacks every month. It was suggested each member could bring their own drink.

Announcements: None



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