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Minutes October 12, 2017

November 8, 2017

The October meeting of the Blooming Prairie Branch of AAUW was called to order at 7:10 p.m. by Beth Krebs. President Jean Peterson was unable to attend the meeting.

Minutes: Mary Malherek was thanked for taking notes at the September meeting. The minutes from that meeting were approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report: There is $2,975.01 in the checking account. Of that total $2,948 was deposits from Village Affair.

Committee Reports:

Program: Next month’s program will be presented by RaeJean Hansen who will speak on Southeast Minnesota Initiative Foundation and Fact Finding in Sweden.

Membership: No report

Public Policy: Members are urged to vote in the election on November 7 for school board and school bond issues.

Village Affair: Pam reported that we are ready for the event. The food prices will be the same as last year. Please sign up to work. Marilyn Meshke has more raffle tickets to sell. Howard Lestrud wrote an article for the Times; we were given a deal for the advertising from the newspaper. In addition they donated a free subscription for the raffle basket. The Women of Today also donated items for the basket.

Centerpieces for the tables will be provided with placemats from First Lutheran by Marilyn, pumpkins from Loretta, and leaves from Karen.

Old Business: None.

New Business:

Budget: Treasurer Jeanette and former treasurer Beth Krebs presented the proposed budget. Copies were made available to the members. The budget proposal shows income of $7,931 and expenses of $7,577.  Mary moved to accept the budget as presented; Karen seconded the motion. The budget was approved.

Beth noted that she had found the budget for 1969 which showed income of $498 and expenses of $588 for a deficit of $90.

Announcements: Naomi met with the provost at the Gustavus Adolphus University Women’s Department. The department has shown interest in attaching to an AAUW chapter.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

The program “Benefits of Yoga” was presented by Naomi Hansen and included a yoga demonstration. Thank you, Naomi!


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