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April Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2015

Meeting April 9, 2015

      The program for the evening was presented by Dan McIntosh, Steele County Attorney, on the programs of Steele County in his venue. Among the various elements of his office’s programs, members were encouraged to visit the Wed. afternoon, 1:30 sessions of the Drug Court,k held in room B, to fully appreciate what the drug programs are trying to accomplish.

      Following this very interesting presentation, Marilyn M. opened the business meeting. The minutes were approved as submitted and the treasurer reported a balance of $3,308.57 in the checking account.

Committee Reports:

      Program – Heidi passed out a sheet of information on the Mystery Dinner evening for next month’s meeting.

      Scholarship – Julie reported that there were eleven applications for a scholarship. The committee will review and score these and meet to decide on winners. Julie mentioned that the national AAUW specifies girls scholarships. Discussion continued on how much money to allow from our funds. Marilyn mentioned that our $55 for the convention will be returned to us, as she is unable to attend after all. Karen moved that we allow  $25 – 26,000, not to exceed $26,000. Motion passed.

Old Business:

     Marilyn announced the new slate of officers for next year: VP program, Julie K. and Joanne S., Secretary The remaining officers continue  from the current year.


  • The Tri Branch luncheon will be at the Northfield Sr. Center. See Karen V. for information.
  • The Village Affair Committee will be meeting in May
  • Dues will be payable at the Mystery Dinner. Bring prospective members along as guests.
  • Scholarships will be awarded after our next meeting; information on the recipients will be put into the blog.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardis Knutson, Secretary

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