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February Minutes

February 23, 2015

Meeting February 11

       The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by Marilyn M.

       In the absence of any written minutes from the December meeting, the December activities were discussed by the members and minutes were approved as remembered. The amount collected from the auction was $600. This will be given to the Lily Sparrow House for women suffering from violence, this being the theme for the year. Naomi L, who has a violent background, was Julie K’s guest that evening. She is considering joining AAUW.

      The Treasurer reported a balance of $3,464.57 in the checking account after all expenses from the Village Affair and the Lily Sparrow gift are paid. There was discussion on Marilyn L’s dues, which have not yet gone to the state. Marilyn has not attended since paying her dues, so they might be held so they are credited as next year’s dues.

Committee Reports:

      Program – Heidi reported on next month’s program, which will be Deb W. speaking on the subject “What is in a Can on the Grocery Store Shelf”. Deb is a food scientist with Hormels.

      Scholarship Committee – No report

      Village Affair – Pam announced that it will be on Oct. 24 next year to not conflict with Halloween. A raise in space rental to $24 is being considered. The committee will meet again on May 19.

Old Business:

      There was none.

New Business:

  • Appoint nominating committee for Secretary and Program positions – Marilyn M and Mary M planned to serve. In trying to fill the other two committee slots, Julie K volunteered to be Program chairperson and Nancy V volunteered to serve as Secretary, so no more nominating work was needed.
  • Appoint two to Scholarship committee – Jean P accepted at the meeting and Marilyn will call for a second person.

Announcements – It was announced that the nominating committee will present the slate of officers in March to be voted on in April; we will vote on sending members to the convention to be held in Austin at the Hormel house, and delegates will be named. Cost is thought to be $150 and we could send two delegates. Marilyn expected to get a convention packet the next day.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at  8:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardis K, Secretary

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