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October 15, 2014

Meeting October 9, 2014

      Following a presentation by Marci T. on Eating Disorders, our business meeting was called to order by Marilyn M. at 9:05. There was discussion on new member possibilities and encouragement to invite new prospects to the next meeting.

      The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read and treasurer Beth K. reported a balance on hand of $3,303.79. The program for the evening was $75, as the speaker was from out of town.

Committee Reports:

      Program – Jean P. announced that the next speaker would be Gretchen B. of Hilltop Greenhouse. The topic will be The Greenhouse Effect: Changes in Local Agriculture.

      Membership – Loretta I. reiterated the encouragement to invite possible new members to our meetings.

      Village Affair – Pam F. reported that rentals have been very good this year. The entire east hall has been added with 143 booths in all and people keep calling. There has been $3,146 in income on rental, with very good word-of-mouth advertising.

She has purchased the basket for the raffle, but won’t buy anything else until everything is in from members. Marilyn did the runner and other items brought in tonight were shown. Everything will be put together on Saturday to assess if there were other needs.

      Kitchen – The sign-up sheet is mostly filled.

      Publicity – Ads were handed in and are currently running. Pam will be meeting with Allen re the stories to be run in future issues. The Times is wanting more for ads; she managed to get them down to $90.

      Marilyn M. mentioned that T-shirts are being printed for workers to wear at the Affair. Prices are $12 for a medium and $14 for large. Members should order by Oct. 15. Marilyn also asked members to turn in their recipes for the basket if not done yet.

      Public Policy – Diane O. talked about the AAUW promotional on Violence Against Women, asking if there was any interest in contributing to the project. Austra H.’s daughter works in Washington in this area. It was suggested that members think about bringing this up again for the December auction. There was interest among members. The money would go to AAUW for this project. This was tabled until the December meeting.

Old Business:

      Beth K. distributed the 2014-15 budget for discussion. Following a motion by Mary M., seconded by Ruth K., the budget was approved.

     A thank you note was read from Morgan H. Another note was received by a member and will be brought to the next meeting.

      Marilyn announced that  The Pine will be sent to AAUW members by e-mail in the future. Anyone who can’t receive e-mails should say so, and a copy will be printed out for that person.

Announcements:  Remember to bring the raffle tickets on Village Affair day and order a t-shirt. Members can get pumpkin pie and cheese cake from Costco for the Village Affair. Bring along shipped cream or such for it.

The meeting adjourned at 9:35 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardis Knutson, Secretary

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