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September 18, 2014

AAUW Sept. 11, 2014 Minutes

Members present: Jean P, Beth K, Marilyn M, Mary M, Loretta I, Suzie P, Austra H, Karen V, Pam F, Phyllis D, Heidi H, Nancy V, Julie K.

Our branch hosted an informative conversation with our new BP Chief of Police, Greg Skillestad.  His topic was A new Era in Law Enforcement. Break was hosted by Suzie P and Phyllis D.

Meeting was called to order by co-Pres Marilyn M at 9:05 pm.

May 3, 2014 minutes were unanimously approved as read by Heidi H.

Treasurer Beth K reported a balance of $1,991.79 in the checking account as of Aug 31, 2014.  All spring scholarship checks were disbursed / have been cashed.  Approx $1500 of that sum is from Village Affair booth rentals.

Program Cmte co-chair Jean P highlighted next month’s speaker, Dr. Marci Theisen, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, whose topic will be What You Need to Know About Eating Disorders. The 2014-15 brochure was previewed, and extra copies will be available at each meeting for those who would like to bring a friend.

Membership Cmte chair Loretta I reported 18 members for the year, 4 who didn’t renew, and one new, for a net loss of 3 from 2013-14.

Public Policy, LAF, Educational Foundations, Cultural/International Relations: no reports.

Village Affair: Pam F shared the date of Oct 25, 2014 for our event. Booth spaces are essentially filled – the earliest this has ever happened. First joint meeting on the event has taken place with Women of Today, with W of T looking at ways to increase revenue. Raffle prize: a table runner quilted by Marilyn M, and a fall-themed gift basket. recipe cards available for members to add a fall recipe, which will be a part of the basket gift (please title your recipe and add your name). Basket items also welcomed. Posters were shared. Pam F explained that the Conger catering will keep the prices the same as 2013 in exchange for extra publicity. Karen V supervised the signups for desserts and working the food locations. Meetings with W of T will continue up to the event and cooperation is high.

Old Business Schalarship Cmte: $3000.00 was awarded to 6 individuals. 4 thank yous were received.

New Business

The 2014-15 Budget draft was handed out by the Executive Cmte. Corrections were suggested by various members, particularly those which pertain to the formula for Village Affair profits and available Scholarship balance. A suggestion by Julie K that if vendor tables were already booked, perhaps booth prices could be raised for next year. No motion was made on either the budget or the booth fee, and a revised draft of the budget will be presented at the next meeting.

Raffle tickets for the Village Affair Fall Gift Basket were made available to all for sales.


Food / worker sign ups: if you were not present at the meeting but desire an assignment, contact Karen V.

State Convention is April 10 – 11, in Austin, MN this year. It’s local: let’s plan ahead!

The Pine (AAUW) state newsletter) will no longer be mailed on paper; rather an email version sent in fall, winter, and spring.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi Heimgartner

(acting secretary for Ardis)

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