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March 14, 2013 Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2013

Meeting March 14, 2013

The March 14 meeting of B.P. branch AAUW was called to order at 6:30 PM by Dianc Olson.

Minutes:  The minutes were approved as posted on the blog.

Treasurer’s Report:  The checking account balance was reported at $4,162.96.

Committee Reports:

  • Program – The program for next month is “What’s New in Discovery” presented by Amy Noble Seitz, CEO of Exhibits Development Co.
  • Membership – No report

Old Business: 

A. Village Affair – The treasurer produced a statement of income for the Village Affair and the Christmas Auction for the last five years. It was noted that there was less advertising expense on the V.A. the last year or two. Also the Roost did not charge for service. We may have that expense in future. There was a suggestion about updating Village Affair on the blog, advertising on the blog next year and in Twitter.

B. Women of Today – There is interest in the Village  Affair. We have an invitation to attend their next meeting on Thursday, Mar. 21 to discuss what is involved in running it. It was suggested that we check with Pam or Marilyn about attending, since they have the most knowledge of the whole process. Beth Krebs expressed a willingness to go if needed.

New Business:

A. Nominating Committee – The positions of Treasurer, VP membership and VP(s) program are up for election. Beth Krebs volunteered to continue as treasurer. Betty Behnken would like to be replaced on program. The others will have to be contacted about continuing or not.

B. State AAUW Convention – It is time to register for the state convention this summer. Diane ran over the agenda and asked anyone interested in attending to contact her. Registration is paid by the branch. Beth commented that the program at the convention on human trafficking would be good for a branch meeting next year. Austra mentioned one at WELCA last year.

C. Member News/Updates There was no news.

Announcements: Next month’s meeting will be on April 11.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55.

The meeting was followed by the program by Vangie Castro on Bullying.

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