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Meeting January 10, 2013

January 23, 2013

The January 10 AAUW meeting was called to order by Nancy V.

Minutes: The minutes of the last meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer reported a current balance of $4,842.96; this included $500 returned from Beth Trom and the $600 deposited from the white elephant auction in December,plus Pam F’s donation to the Boys and Girls Club. The $600 will be also going to the Boys and Girls Club. It was suggested that we have a photo taken of the presentation to the Club to put in the Times. In addition Marilyn L. has not yet cashed her check for her program in November.

Committee Reports:
Program: The February meeting will feature H.P., Mike J., Mary K., and Tara G. sharing visions and plans for Blooming Prairie. Since we cannot pay city servants, the program fee might be given toward city July 4 expenses or the pool, or ideas offered by the program presenters. The March program will be on bullying. Community Ed would pay $100 toward the program if we would invite the community to attend. A motion passed to join with Community Ed in offering this program to the general public the night of our meeting.
Membership: No report.

Old Business:
Village Affair: There was no report on the final results. There was discussion on the future of the Village Affair, as the current chairs have retired. Volunteers were asked for. One issue is the time involved dealing with vendors. The current chairs were asked to prepare a time line of chair activities for the next meeting to help in decision making. Members were asked to bring ideas for discussion. It was mentioned that Beth offered to cook again next year.

New Business:
Member News/Updates: Mary M’s daughter Liz just gave birth to twins and her son has gotten married. There were comments on the decided success of the white elephant auction in December. Information was requested on the March meeting to help in planning refreshments. The meeting will be held at the library as usual, but at 6:30 to accommodate the business meeting. Refreshments would be served to members after the public leaves.

Next meeting: February 14, 2013
“City of Blooming Prairie Visions and Dreams”
H.P. and Mike J., along with 2 council members (named above)
There were no other announcements.

Following adjournment at 7:35, members turned to the program, a discussion of the book “Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake”. The discussion was led by Nancy V.

Respectfully submitted,
Ardis K

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