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Meeting Minutes

December 1, 2012

Meeting November 8, 2012

                 The evening began with an informative presentation by Marilyn L. on Persian cooking and social practices. Following a short skit to demonstrate social practices, we were served a typical Iranian breakfast. She was assisted with the cooking by her husband Momammed.

Following this, the business meeting was called to order by our president Diane O.

Minutes:  The minutes were approved as posted on the blog.

Treasurer’s Report:  The balance on hand was $3,728.96.  $100 was received from Pat I. at the meeting. There was a profit of $3, 355.35 from the Village Affair, if Beth donates her services, not yet known. It was decided that we will pay the custodian through the school in the future and we may shorten his hours. The quilt made by Marilyn M. was won by Diane O.

Committee Reports;

                Program:  The December meeting will be the annual Christmas Sampler and White Elephant Auction, to be held at 7P.M. at Jean P.’s home. There will be discussion that evening about the use of auction profit.

               Membership:  No report.

               Public Policy:  Marilyn called to our attention that AAUW favored a no vote on the social ballot on election day.

               Scholarship:  Nancy thanked the group for their efforts. A thank you note from Luc Z. was passed around.

Old Business: 

               Budget Approval:  The motion to approve the budget was approved.

               Village Affair:

Committee Update – Marilyn thanked all for their help. There were 4 more spaces for venders, up to 80+ venders in 117 spaces. Everything ran very smoothly, and it was considered even better than last year. 29-30 venders were new this year, and many had nice constructive suggestions for future years. The book vender gave $200 to the  Blooming Prairie city library.

         Chairs for next year? – Marilyn will not continue in the general chairmanship. The group has until March to mull over ideas for her position.

New Business: 

                January 2013 Book Club Selection:  Diane O. announced the book, Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake by Anna Quindlen as the new selection. There is a question as to who will lead the discussion. It was suggested that we put some questions on the blog site.

                Member News/Updates:   There are still some of the new programs available. Pat I.’s new phone number is ——-.  Pat mentioned that her great-grandsons were thrilled to find their mother’s picture on the honor wall at school during the Village Affair. Her grandson works in Wisconsin for the woman candidate running against Tommy Thompson. Phyllis D. celebrated her 80th birthday on Halloween, and Pat’s was on All Saints Day.

                Announcements:  The next meeting will be Dec. 13 and there will be the annual white elephant auction. Marilyn M. called attention to the October Mission in Action. Mary M. mentioned that her students were surprised about the beginnings of Title 9, and that we had worked on that issue. Betty B. announced that Patty Fritz returned the fee that we had paid her for speaking last month. Marilyn M. announced that anyone interested in contacting a particular vender should call Marilyn.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Ardis Knutson


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