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February 2012 Meeting Minutes

February 29, 2012

The meeting on Feb 9, 2012 followed a program by Supt Barry Olson, and included conversation on everything from state funding to cursive handwriting and calculators to an auditorium dream.

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 pm with the following members present:  Betty B, Jean P, Marilyn M, Ardis K, Austra H, Pam F, Diane O, Phyllis D, Pat I, Suzi P, Marilyn W, Beth K, Loretta I, Mary M, Heidi H & Cindy L.

Marilyn M thanked the participants and the speaker, along with the hostesses Mary M & Beth K.

Treasurer’s Report:  Beth K reported a fund balance of $3840.60.  Recent disbursements included $200 to the Boys & Girls Club from the December auction, and $25 to the Education Foundation in memory of Harvey Ille.

Secretary’s Report:  One correction to be noted in the minutes, that the Scholarship Cmte be corrected to the following four members:  Marilyn W, Ardis K, Leanne H & Nancy V.

Committee Reports

Program co-chair Betty B gave a preview of the March program and indicated there may be a swap between the speakers for March and April.

Scholarship Cmte:  it was agreed upon in her absence that Nancy V has, or will have, the AAUW scholarship applications.

Village Affair:  a call was made for volunteers, and Cindy L stepped forward to be on the Village Affair planning committee.

Old Business:  Marilyn M shared our condolences with Pat I, and acknowledged receipt of thank you for the memorial gift.  The state convention will have a Wall of Fame display if we would like to participate with a tri-fold display of our branch’s best moments.

New Business:  Conversation about election to positions included Ardis K volunteering to serve as secretary for a two-year term.  That leaves President as the only office left to be filled.  A motion was made by Mary M and seconded by Diane O to not appoint a nominating committee this year, and instead ask for a volunteer to step forward as President at the March meeting.  Motion carried.

The two new appointees to the Scholarship Cmte for this year are Ardis K and Marilyn W.

Marilyn M gave information on the AAUW State Convention, this year being held at Deerwood resort in Brainerd, MN April 27-29. We will name delegates and vote to send members to the convention at the March meeting; registration deadline is March 15.

No announcements.

Adjournment at 8:35 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Heidi H.

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