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April 14 Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2011

The April 14, 2011 meeting was called to order at 8:20 pm by Pres. Marilyn M. 

Members present included:  Chris B, Heidi H, Jean P, Char M, Betty B, Karen V, Suzie P, Nancy V, Pam F, Marilyn M, Mary M, and two guests, Shirley H. and Patti M.

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from the March meeting were distributed by Heidi H.  Motion made by Jean P to approve minutes; motion seconded by Betty B.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Dianna V submitted a written report stating a balance of $2511.45 in the AAUW checking account.

Program Cmte:  next month’s mystery dinner will include notification and RSVP by email.  Meeting time will be publicized as the date approaches.

Other Cmtes:  no reports

Scholarship Cmte:  Karen V reported that the total amount eligible to award this year is $1800.  There have been 11 applicants.  May 6 the committee will make final decisions.  May 11 is the BPHS Scholarship Award banquet.  Checks will be written and mailed to scholarship recipients in August.

Pres Marilyn M commended Betty B for the tremendous program in March and also commended Patti M for her program that evening.

Old Business:  Nominating Cmte has already presented and voted on slate last month [one month early!].  President will be Marilyn M, with Mary M as a fill-in when needed.  No one stepped forward to attend the state convention as a delegate.

Village Affair Cmte:  Suzie P requested that her name be removed from this cmte.  This was noted by those present and Suzie was thanked for her years of service.  Chris B was honored for her donation of quilts in past years.  The 2011 quilt will be made by Marilyn M.  If anyone is interested in joining the Village Affair Cmte, please see Marilyn M.

Announcements:  Dues payable at the May meeting.  Cost will be near $60 for Members and around $35 for Community Partner Members.  At the May meeting, sign-up for hosting duties for the 2011-12 meeting year will begin. 

Meeting adjourned 8:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi H, Secretary

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