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March 2011 Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2011

The March 10, 2011 AAUW meeting was called to order by Pres Marilyn M at 6:36 pm. 

Members present included:  Phyllis D, Marilyn M, Jean P, Heidi H, Beth K, Joanne S, Marilyn W, Leanne H, Loretta I, Betty B, Nancy V and one new guest/former AAUW member Elsa S.  Mary M was at a speech contest and sent her regrets.

Secretary’s Report:  February 2011 meeting minutes were distributed by Heidi H and approved as submitted.

Treasurer’s Report:  A balance of 2586.62 was reported.  Remuneration from February program speaker returned as a donation.

Program Report:  Loretta I and Betty B informed us that this evening’s program is a one-hour event whittled down from a three-hour presentaiton.  Next month (April’s) program will be Patti Misgen’s secrets to her “un-orthodox” gardening style.  A possible plant/transplant exchange was suggested as an activity for May.  No action was taken.

Other Committee Reports:  none

Old Business:  AAUW State Convention in Winona April 29-May 1.  We can have 3 delegates attend.  Marilyn M offered to drive.  Details on Convention were passed around.  No interest expressed publicly.

New Business

The slate for elections was introduced by Pres (and Nominating Cmte member) Marilyn M.  Jean P was our other Nominating Cmte member this year. 

VP Program:  Betty B and Loretta I (2nd 2-yr term)

Treasurer:  Beth K

VP Membership:  Phyllis D

Scholarship Cmte:  Betty B and Karen V (returning), Austra H and Leanne H (new)

Jean P made a motion to accept the slate as presented.  Seconded by Heidi H.  Motion passed unanimously.  Thanks to all who volunteered for positions, and thanks to all who are finishing their terms of service.  Terms for new officers begin July 1.


Scholarship Committee will call a meeting once the High School’s scholarship deadline passes. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm.  Program was held in room 210 with refreshments following. 

Respectfully Submitted,
Heidi H, Secretary

**More details on the Ghost-Hunting program can be found in an eariler post titled, “A Couple of Links from March 2010 program.”

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