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November 11, 2010 Meeting Minutes

November 29, 2010

The November AAUW meeting was called to order by Pres. Mary M at 7:10 pm.  Members in attendance were:  Beth K, Pam F, Joanne S, Loretta I, Betty B, Karen V, Mary M, Heidi H, and Marilyn M.

The President welcomed all in attendance and thanked them for their work with the Village Affair. 

Pam F requested copies of the yearly schedule/brochure.  Heidi H reminded all that the schedule is posted on the blog, but the full brochure is not listed due to privacy reasons (names and phone numbers).  If any are still in need of a hard copy of the brochure, please contact the secretary, Heidi H.

Minutes from October were approved as submitted.

Treasurer Dianna V made a written report that there is a balance of $2780.87 in the checking account.  Village Affair accounting is as follows:


Booths – 1760.00 (pretty good!)


Concessions 689.25 (down some from 09)

Prairie Cafe/Nick–percentage not yet calculated

Income Total:  $3009.25




School Rent-100.00 (electricity)



Expenses Total:  $922.64

Net profit, then, for 2010 is approximately $2086.61.

Regarding VA 2010, the following review and suggestions were offered.  Marilyn M noted that we had 87 spaces rented; approx 10 more than last year.  We had 60 crafters (47 last year).  Pam F raised the idea of bringing in water as opposed to paying the school for it.  Regarding the concessions, Karen V reported that the pie was a big seller.  Rolls and cookies were left, and cinnamon rolls were not popular.  Karen and Suzie, the concessions chairs, said the overall concessions functioned well.   Centerpieces were beautiful.  Seating for 128 seemed to be fine, though it was filled to capacity often.  Custodian was excellent.  There were several concerns about our lunch offerings, including temperature / infection control, menu and portions, organization, presentation, and demeanor of staff.  This was discussed at length.  A decision was made by consensus that other vendors will be explored in 2011.  The idea of charging a nominal admission price ($1-2)was also raised.  Idea tabled/referred to committee.

Committee Reports

Program:  Loretta I and Betty B explained the logistics of our next meeting, the progressive party and white elephant auction.

Membership:  Beth K had no report

Village Affair:  report above

Old Business:  none

New Business:

Mary M invited new volunteers for Village Affair committee.   None came forward. 

No announcements were made.  Hostesses were thanked.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm and the group watched a documentary entitled, “One Woman, One Vote:  The story of the 19th Amendment.”  (If you missed the meeting, this documentary is available through the Austin Public Library.)

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi Heimgartner, Secretary

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