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December 2010 Meeting

November 29, 2010

Next Meeting

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Progressive Hors d’ouevres Party


White Elephant Auction

6:30 pm (*note change in time)



drop off hors d’ouevres and gifts at Jean’s FIRST, then

gather at Betty’s home for “round one” which will begin at 6:30 pm


Remember, this is a White Elephant Auction. 

White. Elephant.Auction.

Here’s the definition according to Wikipedia.

Our program chairs remind you that you are

not expected to be nice!

Did you read that?




Also:  one gift per person

is plenty…

extra gifts means

more time bidding

and less time

making merry.



So, make your one gift

a doozy this year

& bid heartily!


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