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October 2010 Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2010

The October 14, 2010 AAUW meeting was called to order by President Mary M at 8:40 pm. 

Members present included:  Diane O, Jean P, Nancy V, Pam F, Marilyn M, Mary M, Dianna V, Karen V, Austra H, Beth K, Pat I, Joanne S, Suzy P, Heidi H, Phyllis D, and guests Bernice S & Kay N.

We thanked our program committee for our program speaker, Jay Behnken, and the hostesses.

Secretary’s Report:  Minutes from September were submitted by Heidi H with no additions or corrections.  Members reported no problem with accessing minutes through the new weblog.  Thank you letters were passed around, along with a request for an AAUW representative to attend the monthy Chamber of Commerce community update meetings.

Treasurer’s Report:  Dianna reported a balance of 1,720.26 in the checking account.  Booth rental fees for AAUW have been deposited.

Committee Reports

Program:  Betty B briefly mentioned the November meeting documentary, “One Woman, One Vote.”  Discussion will be held afterward.

Membership:  Beth K had no report

Village Affair:  Date of VA for this year is October 30, 2010.  General VA Chairperson Marilyn M reported that we are about 5 spaces behind our booth rentals for 2009.  $1420 worth booth rentals thus far.  48 exhibitors secured, expecting more.  Several new crafters will be coming, with some vendors as well.  Sign up sheets for food and tasks were circulated. 

Publicity Chair:  Pam F debuted and distributed posters for members to take around town.  Email publicity was also planned.

Kitchen:  Karen V and Susie P explained the concession plans for the VA as well as the price changes on bars and rolls. Coffee cake / Cinnamon rolls and pies were added to the menu this year.  Members signed up to make treats as they chose.

Old Business:

The budget for 2010-11 was distributed.  One correction made to the 2009 column’s program line item.  $350 was proposed for the speaker category for 2010-11.  Motion stating this was made by Karen V and seconded by Beth K.  Motion was approved.

New Business:

After a reminder about the date and time of Village Affair, Austra demonstrated her ideas for table centerpieces.

Announcements:  none

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Heidi Heimgartner, Secretary

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