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Minutes, September 2010

September 9, 2010

A fascinating brief presentation about the history of Steele County was shared by Tammy J and Nancy V, Steele County Historical Society board members, and SCHS Director, Laura Resler.  Groundbreaking for the new history center in Owatonna is slated for the fall.  Tammy J announced OKTOBERFEST 2010, a fundraiser for the SCHS, at the Servicemen’s Club in BP on Saturday, October 30th from 5-10 pm.  Tickets are on sale at local businesses. A historical walk through Sacred Heart Cemetery in Owatonna is scheduled for the end of the month.

A second compelling presentation was given by Nancy V, author and librarian, regarding her research on the Ku Klux Klan in Steele County, Minnesota, and beyond.  Artifacts and pictures were viewed.  Many stories were shared.  Conversation was poignant.


The September meeting at the BPHS Media Center was called to order by co-Pres Mary M at 8:32 pm.   She thanked Cindy L and Diane O for serving our lunch.

Members present:  Betty B, Phyllis D, Heidi H, Leanne H, Beth K, Cindy L, Mary M, Marilyn M, Diane O, Suzy P, Jean P, Joanne S, Nancy V, Marilyn W, Karen V, Loretta I.

Secretary’s Report:  May meeting minutes were not available.  Heidi H introduced the blog, which she hopes will be an easier way for members to access information this year.  A computer in the library was activated, and an invitation was issued to help those present navigate the blog site after the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer was not present, but submitted a stated balance in our checking account of $729.26.

Program Cmte:  Co-chair Loretta I passed out the 2010-11 brochures.  Co-Chair Betty B proposed a set speaker fee of $50/speaker.  After some discussion, Joanne S made a motion that the line item in the budget for our annual programming be set at $350, to be divided up at the discretion of the Program co-chairs.  Seconded by Marilyn M.  Motion passed.  It was agreed by consensus that we plan each month for the speakers to present first, then business meetings will follow.

Membership:  Beth K introduced Nancy V as a new member of AAUW.  Welcome, Nancy!  Beth K also appealed to us for new member recruitment ideas.

Educational Equity/Legal Advocacy/Public Policy/Ed Foundations:  no reports

Scholarship Cmte:  an article from the BP times was distributed.

Publicity from the State Chapter:  Co-Pres Marilyn M announced a few upcoming events.  A national conference for women college leaders, an appeal for those interested in holding statewide office, and women-to-women voter turnout initiative.  Also, a flyer for the 2011 State Convention was circulated.  The State Convention will be held April 29-May 1, 2011 in Winona, MN.

Village Affair:

Marilyn M distributed envelopes to each member containing raffle tickets to sell for the quilt auction.  The quilt this year, made by member Chris B, is 57″ square in earth tones (hunter green and golden colors).  The title of the pattern is Pineapple Log Cabin.  Those who sell raffle tickets can return stubs and money on the morning of the Village Affair (Oct 30) or to Marilyn M ahead of time.

Marilyn M also stated that letters to past venders regarding VA were mailed out in July.  As of today, 48 1/2 spaces have been booked by 34 exhibitors.  There is much activity and communication with the vendors; more will be booking soon.

Prairie Cafe has again been awarded the contract for our lunch, with better-defined specifics and expectations for the meal.

Pam F was thanked for her effort in mapping out the floor space.  Publicity tasks for VA must be delegated soon.

Old Business:  Mary M stated that she will work with Dianna V to compile the budget, set to be voted upon at the October meeting.  This budget will be posted here on the blog when it becomes available. 

New Business:  none


A reminder was given for sign-ups for Village Affair, which will occur at the October meeting.

It is the 50th anniversary of our AAUW branch in 2011!!! How shall we celebrate?

Meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Heidi H., Secretary

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  1. Mary M permalink
    September 16, 2010 7:08 pm

    This is just great, what a wonderful way for our branch to keep in touch. Thanks Heidi.
    I do have a Budget Review and Proposal for the 2010/2011 year. I will post it here. We can vote on it next month.

    2010/2011 AAUW Budget Proposal
    2009/2010 Income and Expenses:

    Village Affair Income

    Rolls and coffee—722.75
    Nick’s fee—150.00
    Raffle —600.00


    Expenses for VA:

    BPHS Fee—100.00
    Pop and Water—80.00
    Chris Butler (quilting)—48.00



    Program Expense:

    Betty B. 20.00
    Harvey R. 70.00
    Community Ed. 50.00
    Center Clinic—50.00
    Mileage –17.00


    Scholarships–2,000.00 ( Five @ $400 each)
    Misc. expense—108.75

    Total: 3044.75

    Beginning balance Sept. 10,2010


    Projected Budget 2010/2011

    Projected Expenses—

    Misc. –100.00

    Projected Income—

    Opening balance—729.00


    White Elephant 2009


    Donations—Boys and Girls Club—291.50
    Steele County Food Shelf—291.50

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